Want to take your performance from “You did good” to “You Slayed Sis!”? Keep reading, because we’re about to drop some seriously simple-to-implement hacks that will transform your performance – and you won’t even have to break a sweat!

Sometimes it really is the little things that can have a BIG impact. Here are our top 10 tips to help you instantly make your performance better:

  1. Finish your moves. Don’t end at an arm or leg joint, extend fully to the fingers and toes. Open your body and fully develop your moves.
  2. Make your moves BIGGER. That image you have in your mind right now, make it even BIGGER! The back row needs to not just see, but feel your move
  3. Cut out the fidgeting. Avoid adjusting your costume, picking wedgies, shifting your hair and wiping your hands on your costume. These micro distractions take your audience’s focus away from where you really want it to be.
  4. Get out of your head and engage with your audience. Give them eye contact, a smile, a wink, a gesture. Pull them in and play with them.
  5. If you mess up, it’s okay. Don’t make a face, chances are most people might not even notice (that is until you confirm it with your face). Fake it till you make it and keep it moving!
  6. Move with intention. Every step, spin, trick, gesture, move should have a purpose. Don’t do it just to check the box, do it for maximum impact and OWN your movement!
  7. Use the entire stage. Don’t limit yourself or your movement, move up, down and all around. The most space you allow yourself to explore, the more inviting your movement will be.
  8. Mind your angles. This is important. Be sure that every trick you do, you give your audience the best view of you.
  9. Watch repetitive movement. Only repeat moves when there is a purpose/story behind doing so. If you don’t know what to do, try not to resort to body waves, twerking or bouncing just to fill the moment.
  10. Always point your toes (well, really your ankles) yes even when you’re in heels. Broken lines lead to broken audience focus. Keep those lines nice and crispy!

Now that you’ve got the tips, try them out and set your Slay off! Go from clapping to round of applause in an instant!