Yep, it’s okay!

Thinking about performing and find yourself hanging out at the intersection of: “I want to, but…?”

Well, we’re here to tell you it’s okay and you’re not alone. We get messages from aspiring and performance-curious enthusiasts regularly, and our answer is always the same: DO IT! No matter what your concern, we’re here to tell you that it’s okay. Slay the Stage was designed to be the practice space you wanted but didn’t know you needed to work on your performance skills. We created this safe stage to help you build your performance persona, performance confidence and performer portfolio. This is exactly the place to: test it out, to dip your toe in, to practice, to mess up and to try again. If you find yourself thinking…

What if I’ve never performed before? That’s okay!

What if I’m a beginner? That’s okay!

What if I mess up ? That’s okay!

What if I slip? That’s okay!

What if I’m not flexible? That’s okay!

Bring all of these “What Ifs” to our stage and allow us to help you conquer them! Our stage is your safe place to get professional practice!